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Georgia Graduates

Discover when your friends and relatives graduated! Find people who graduated from Georgia grammar schools, academies, colleges and universities! Many class and individual photos included. The database includes special honors and/or newspaper articles at the time of graduation.

Georgia had a surprising number of educational schools, both private and public, such as academies, agricultural colleges, institutes, grammar schools, high schools, universities. Females attended local academies until about age fifteen, while males furthered their education in colleges and universities. Sources include Georgia newspaper articles which published a variety of information on graduates such as class photos and names, awards and special activities. Some of the earliest articles published photos of grammar school children! The original articles are included in pdf format. Other information was gleaned from a variety of sources.

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There is no index for names which are included in the newspaper articles regarding fraternities, alumnae or other societies (PDF files). Therefore, the google index will not find the names in those articles. For this reason, separate indexes are provided for each year. To generate Windows search box, type Control + F.

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